Monday, January 10, 2011

The post to get off 666 posts

My last post was post number 666 on this blog. While the debate will rage that 666 isn't really the number of the beast, it is an ominous number none the less and must not be tampered with in my opinion. Unless that is you want to make a deal with the Devil, and it appears that maybe I do.

Just have a gander at what my last post was about. IF you are even too lazy to do that I will tell you. It was my optimism for the Detroit Lions off-season. Yup...I inadvertently have set myself up where I have to decide if a deal with the Devil is the way to go, or to anger him mightily by saying no.

This could prolong the curse for 50 more years if I do not make the right call here. After a positive end to the season we may find the NFL gets a lockout and the Lions lose a precious rebuilding year. So many things could go horribly wrong if I do not make the right decision.

I may just need this waterproof digital cameras in the coming year because I will be ON FIRE.

I think we all know what I will choose. >:)

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