Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bieber 4 MVP this guy the most popular person in the history of the world, or what? Not only did his "movie" come out this week, and garner an astonishing level of hate by crazy people to give it a 1.1/10 rating on, but he played in the Celeb Game at the NBA All-star weekend.

And he won the MVP!

Of course this was a fan vote sort of thing so it isn't like anyone else had a chance. Game was completely sold out by all his little fangirls on diet pills and his fans gave him the win easily.

He didn't look awful. Seemed to be able to dribble a bit at least. Made a couple 3s.

The insanity of this whole thing is off the charts. This video below has at this posting 453 likes, and 3,404 dislikes. Humanity is in deep, deep trouble. The kind of crap you see said about this kid, who is 16 years-old by the way is scary. Like psycho crazy scary.

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