Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monroe Not Flashy, but Effective In Rookie Challenge

Justin Rogers had an article about Monroe's game in the Rookie Challenge that pretty much sums it up. He said that Monroe didn't really fit in with the guys that played in this game that are more showing off than playing hoops, but Monroe showed why he is right for Detroit.

He's right, but that doesn't mean we still wouldn't have loved a guy that could be the man when needed. Monroe works hard, and plays hard. Tries to play fundamental. These are things that are part of Detroit basketball, or we want them to be. Guys that grab board, set picks, box out, and play some D. Monroe finished with 14 points and 8 rebounds in the game that the rookies won 148-140.

There may be people out there that like these games, but for me it epitomizes just how poorly kids are taught how to play basketball in the era that Jordan built. Something that everyone that tried to emulate MJ forgot was that he actually knew how to do a lot of things other than just fly. Most of these guys coming out after one year of college are pretty much starting from scratch when it comes to playing in a until it seems. Always being on teams where they are the entire focus, and the offense. They are always let to go with their own devices. Having so much more talent than their peers they don't really NEED to learn a lot of these skills until they get to the NBA, but it is nice seeing guys that actually have some of them. Some learn and become great. Others are looking for slimming wraps after they decide they got paid and don't wnat to put in the work.

The rookies outplayed them as a team. Of course watching Blake Griffin was the only real reason to watch this game and he did what he does.

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