Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have You All Seen the Light With the Victor Martinez Signing Yet?

Looking back at the VMart signing this year I remember hearing a lot about how we were way overpaying for a DH. While I assumed that at some point in the year he would take Alex Avila's job as the everyday catcher, I still was happy to have a REAL DH on our team for once. Alex Avila playing like an all-star catcher is certainly welcomed so we cannot complain about that, but VMart was almost assured to take that job over if he had struggles like he has the last two years at the plate. We can only hop[e the 24 year-old can continue this breakout campaign so we can keep VMart fresh and in the line up. vga to hdmi cables

As for VMart being a part-time catcher and full-time DH I think we have to realize that we haven't had a DH of this quality in recent memory. Other than that half a year of Gary Sheffield before he whined about playing DH, and maybe a little time with Dmitri "Da Meathook" Young", or even Sean Casey at times we really have not had a true threat at DH. This is a huge hole in the line up when your DH spot is basically used to give guys a day off, or to be forced into using your 4th OFer, or utility guy there almost everyday.

Other than possibly Carlos Guillen, who is beyond decline, and rarely here, we have little to no chance to fill that slot with anyone that can consistently hit well. While people claim that paying him as a DH is too expensive, there are plenty of teams that have middle order hitters at that DH spot. David Ortiz, Travis Hafner when he was good and now good again, etc. These guys were clean up hitters and have even won MVP awards at the spot. This isn't a throwaway, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a power hitter her either.

VMart is a guy that makes a difference. Hitting on either side of Cabrera is a big deal, and it needs to have a very good hitter. VMart is that guy. Hitting .300 over his career with an .800+ OPS you can't really complain about his production. HE put up these numbers as a catcher and other than Joe Mauer he is the most consistent and offensive catcher around the last 5 years. Consistently hitting close to 20 HRs and putting up RBI numbers of guys that hit 3-5 in the order.

After coming back from his injury he has been on fire with an 11 game hitting streak that raised his average from .200 to .333. Racking up 10 RBIs in his last 10 games. Going 3-4 in his last 3 games for the Tigers while igniting the Detroit offense. Not piddly little singles either. Plenty of doubles and even HRs.

When we signed this guy you should ahve expected this though. With him hitting in the middle of the order tat 3, or 5 he should be good for a .300 average, 15-20 HRs, and likely 80-90 RBIs at least. Who wouldn't take that at their DH spot? Tigers fans certainly would. It's a lot better than watching Don Kelly, Ramon Santiago, or Clete Thomas play DH isn't it?

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