Saturday, July 16, 2011

Impending Downfall Start Early This Year for Tigers?

If you recall, I mentioned the 5-6 weeks before the AS break as a great opportunity for the Tigers to take a stranglehold on the division. Playing such weak lineups and sub-.500 teams as Arizona, Seattle, Colorado, and the Mets. Unfortunately they ran through about 8 series of easily winnable matchups (2/3 wins to take series) with roughly a .500 record. Certainly not good enough for a team that had division title aspirations.

You could argue that they set the downfall up early this year and while they went into the break in 1st place they have quickly shown just how easy it is for this division to turn them into a 4th place team within a couple more weeks of poor play.

Opening the 2nd half against the team that is most likely to cause them trouble the rest of the way, Chicago, they have immediately dropped the first 2 games of the series and I predict they will be in 3rd place by the middle of next week behind both Cleveland and Chicago. They may shortly be in 4th place with Minnesota still hanging around, and we all know that Minnesota isn't going anywhere.

Carlos Guillen was back today and hitting 7th in the lineup. Pushing the all-star Alex Avila back to a familiar spot of 8th in Leyland's circus lineups this season. With 4 men hitting .300 in the lineup the team should have all it needs to produce runs. Unfortunately they can't do it when they need to lately and the pitching is getting slimmer and slimmer.

We are in for a long second half if Dombrowski doesn't bring in some more talent that is for sure. Chicago is playing with a bunch of guys that are having their worst career years and they are within a couple games of first place. Tigers are overachieving at this point. The only silver lining is that we may finally be rid of Leyland after this year. HE should start reading garmin golf gps review because it is time to retire.

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