Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Detroit Lions Players Suffer From "Failure to Hide Their Weed"

It would be no shock for anyone to find out that many of the players in the NFL smoke marijuana. What would be a shock is seeing them repeatedly get busted for possession of it rather than just failed drug tests. Drug tests are "typically" random so they could always fail those. Being caught with a stash of weed on you out in puublic though seems to be quite a task for anyone that smokes it. At least in my mind it would be quite idiotic to be caught with it in public seeing how it is illegal and you shouldn't be doing it out in the open.

That doesn't matter for our beloved Detroit Lions though. Particularly our draft class from 2011.

Not one, not two, but 3 Detroit Lions players have been busted with weed since the beginning of the year. 2 of which from our 2011 draft class in Mikel LeShoure, and #1 pick Nick Fairley. The other being reserve offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath was arrested for simple possession of marijuana after he was spotted on a hotel surveillance camera putting two blunts in the drawer of a hallway dresser.

Fairley was booked today while speeding. Smoking weed and speeding. How dumb can you be?

LeShoure on the other hand wins the prize for dumbest player. He wasn't caught once, but TWICE in the past 2 months. First in February for possession where he paid a fine around $500 and nothing came of it. HE was sentenced on March 1. Then just a few weeks later the idiot got pulled over AGAIN, but this time he tried to eat it all. The officer found him with weed in his teeth, all over his shirt, and on the console. 2 times in less than 3 months! I can't imagine most people that smoke have been caught twice in their LIFE, much less the same year. Charles Rogers #2 right here folks. BTW...LeShoure has never played in an NFL game. If he's not careful he'll be wearing prison flip flops soon.

Janoris Jenkins won't be a Lion anytime soon now I can guarantee that much.

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