Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Inge To Stay on Team and Play Against Lefties?

You have gotta be kidding me.

This is all I've heard about today though. Apparently Henning mentioned that Inge would still be on the team and that he would play against LHP. Something that isn't even a boost to his normal play really. This is one of the ugly PR lies that the Tigers spread in regards to Inge. Like last year when they brought him back to the team from the minors when he was put on waivers. He wasn't even hitting .200 against LHP I don't think, but he was hitting about .150 against RHP so he was CLEARLY better against LHP right?

Well..this is just how it goes with him. He';s popular and a cash cow. HAs to be making the team money somehow so they keep him around. He is a terrible hitter though and his defense isn't getting any better with all his injuries and knee problems the last few years.

RETIRE INGE> PLEASE! Go sell some pool supplies and a Pool Cover in your retirement. I mean you can't possibly be making that much in baseball right? Oh wait...they pay you like you're a real player. MUCH more than a real player don't htye. You won't need to work. Worst player per dollar I can think of ever.

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