Monday, April 16, 2012

Enjoying the fruits of my organizational work

Guest post written by Caitlin Garris

I really hate doing housework but I have to always remind myself of the benefits of it so that I can have a clean house. It works most of the time. But then I also tend to bribe myself by letting myself work on craft projects after I finish all of my cleaning. One thing that I really love to do is crafts and little DIY things to include in my home. They're so much fun!

The latest one that I've done is to make a little DIY jewelry organizer to put on the top of my vanity. I needed it for a while and I was so happy to find a design that I knew would be perfect for me! When I looked online for the jewelry stand idea, I ran across the website and after I looked through it a little bit I decided to consult the services some to see what my options were to fix my finances.

I'm really quite impressed with all of the work that I did with this jewelry stand. I took an antique tiny birdcage that I can and converted it to something that looked a lot nicer and also is a great home for all of my pairs of earrings now.

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