Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tigers Lose 3 of 4 to Texas Rangers

Good thing we have Justin Verlander or it would have been all 4. Tigers are like everyone else right now when it comes to Texas it appears. After getting knocked out of the playoffs last year by Texas, who was clearly a superior overall team, the Tigers are still trying to figure them out. Trying to figure out why we aren't hitting too I would guess. Texas put a beating on them twice in the series, but Verlander stopped the bleeding in the 2nd game of a double header yesterday with a 3-2 win. Today they lose the 4th on a controversial bunt in 11 innings that could have split the series. Leyland immediately approached plate umpire Tim Welke and contended the ball had struck Gonzalez’s right knee off his bat while he was still in the batter’s box. By rule, a foul ball should have been called, he said. “The ball came down and hit him on the back knee. Clearly. Clearly. That’s not even a question,” Leylsand said. “The ball clearly hit him, and four guys happened to miss it.” At the time, Welke saw it different. “We called what we saw, and we didn't see him get hit,” he said. Upon further review Welke admitted the ball did, indeed, hit Gonzalez after he and his crew watched the replay afterward. Oh's a long season. This happens a few times a year. No reason to get upset enough to post a yard sign calling out the umps. Not like he blew a perfect game for anyone. <_<

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