Saturday, January 12, 2013

Andre Drummond is Making the Pistons Worthy of a Watch Now Too

Not only are the Michigan Wolverines hoops team drawing a lot more interest, but the Pistons may be getting back on the map as well. Their latest 1st round draft pick Andre Drummond is bringing a lot of excitement to Detroit with his play. The 7'0" C is an offensive rebounding and alley-oop machine with his PER-36 numbers matching up with some of the best in the game, and right there with some of the past greats as rookies like Dwight Howard. Here was a good article comparing the two from a few weeks back. Here's an ESPN article talking the per 36 stats from a week ago.

Lawrence Frank is proving to be a coach that many fans who love the game are starting to recognize as well. We're all hoping that he doesn't get the shaft when the Pistons actually become good again because he has certainly done a great job with the trash of a team he has had since he has been here. A team of guys that look like they came from a wholesale catalog. He gets way more out of these guys than anyone should. The way he has used Drummond so far? Many fans want him to get more minutes. This guy thinks that Franks has used him to perfection so far.

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