Saturday, January 12, 2013

Been a Long Time Since People Have Talked Michigan BASKETBALL

Back in the day I used to follow them religiously. I actually liked college hoops. No I'm not talking just the Fab 5 either. I'm old enough to have been blessed with the days where the great National Championship team was here and Glenn Rice set the tournament record for points in what was it '89? Man they were big back then and then the Fab 5 came and they got as big as any college hoops team has ever been.

Then we lost it all because they say we cheated. The program was handcuffed for years and every lawyer from fayetteville nc business lawyer to the NCAA were the ones that got paid then.

Now? Many years after the crimes have been paid for we have a team that is 16-0, #2 in the nation, and 1 game away from the best start in U of M history. People are starting to care a little bit I think.

Still...there are a lot of people saying they haven't proven anything since they haven't beaten a top 20 team on the road yet. Next they play Ohio State on the road and this is called their first true test. #1 Duke just got beat by NC State so a win here puts them at #1 most likely.

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