Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Miggy Triple Crown Watch?

Highly doubtful he can come to it this year. The nagging injuries he has right now combined with the Tigers starting to stretch their division lead heading into the final 7 weeks makes it hard for him to end up getting the ABs he'll need as long as Chris Davis keeps up his HR pace.

Of course you never know. Last year Hamilton went crazy and had another set of pansy injuries that shelved him a lot during the last month to allow Miggy to pass him over in HRs. While the HRs seem to be the most difficult part with him trailing Davis by 6 right now, he actually only leads Davis in RBIs by one as well. If the Tigers wrap up the division a week early that's a lot of ABs to go without and the RBIs will be the one that will fall the fastest. Davis could go into a slump down the last 45 games, or so, sure and god forbid he'll need an personal injury attorney in san diego because of some terrible accident, but Miggy could miss time too. The Triple Crown with Miggy could be bad news for the Tigers. It would mean that he's still having to play every night all the way until the end with the division race actually being a race again.

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