Sunday, September 08, 2013

Lions Play as Bad a Half as You Can and Still Only down by 1

Week 1, Lions v. Vikings must have been one of the ugliest halves of LIONS football I have seen and that is saying a lot. Incredibly, even with all their mistakes they still ended the half only down by 1!

Can't get a 1st on 3rd and 1.

First drive bobbled a FG

Next play AP goes 80 yards for a TD.

Get down there again and go for it on 4th and 1. Penalty. Kick FG

Calvin drops TD

Suh blows pick 6 with clipping.

Stafford throws pick

Pettigrew drops one pass and fumbles the next.

Personal foul for Delmas

tradeshow printed throws here

Bently drops Pick 6.

Aborted fetuses all over the place, and they were losing by 1.

Then the 2nd half starts and they take their 1st two possessions down for TDs to go up 27-17. Reggie Bush is having a massive debut game. Just taking a long 3rd down dump off the distance for the score. Been a long time since we have seen a guy accelerate away from the defense in the open field. What we've been missing ever since we lost Jhavid Best.

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