Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Biggest Game of All Time.

Yup...this is going to be the biggest game ever played. I don't want to hear about any other game that has been played. Michigan at Ohio State on November 18, 2006 is the biggest game that will have ever been played.

The biggest rivalry in sports comes this year with the two foes ranked #1 (Ohio State) and #2 (Michigan) in the BCS Championship polls. This is THE game. Even the actual National Championship game isn't going to be this big, well unless they play each other again.

Winner takes all. Legends are born. Legacies are defined. Welcome to the Big Horseshoe, home of the Ohio State Suckeyes, the site of the biggest game to ever be played.

I have my OSU sticker in my toilet to pee on. I have Hail to the Victors piping out into my neighborhood 24 hours a day and refuse to answer the door when the cops show up to tell me to turn it off. My skin has a permablue sheen and the women have been packed off for the week for their own safety. Only way they ever comes back is with a Wolverine win.

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