Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ughh...Pistons Look Terrible

I haven’t been watching all the games like I normally do, but caught last night's debacle and was far from impressed. Taking on a wounded New Orleans Hornets team and getting busted in the chops right out of the gate was embarrassing. Trailing by 15 at halftime the game was all but over.

Resurgence from Chauncey Billups helped get the Pistons in front late and the continued shoddy play of Lindsay Hunter off the bench pretty much lost that lead for the team. Hunter is the best offensive player on the opposing team typically. The Pistons had a chance to take the lead in the final minute, but clanked it off the rim to give the Hornets the final shot. Fouled called with 3 seconds left to put (who is this guy?) Hilton Armstrong at the line who made the first and missed the second. He then proceeded to slap his own shot back out to the perimeter for the Hornets to rebound. Game Over. Pistons lose to a team of rookies.

Through 8 games the team looks really out of sorts. Sitting in the bottom 5 of the league in scoring and not even in the top half of the league in scoring defense. The lost art of Pistons defense is true to form it appears for the year.

Nazr looks lost. Flip Murray can't hit a lake with his shot off the bench, yada yada yada. Big Maxiell looks good so far though so we can hope.

I guess we can expect the slow start from the addition of new players, but last night's loss is a complete shame. Bring back the teal jerseys.

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