Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fantasy Basketball League

A bit of a keeper league with some of my WeRollHard.com counterparts is underway.

We kept 2 from last season with 8 teams in the league. I stunk last year so I traded everything ii had to get Lebron James and Shawn Marion. Basically the top 2 ranked players. KG can be there sometimes too.

So we decided to go with a random draft order and I got the shaft by getting the last pick. Figured I did OK, but my Center situation is a bit sketchy for now.

Roster Positions:

PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN, BN

Stat Categories:


My team:

PG Jason Kidd
SG Larry Hughes
G Mike Bibby
SF Shawn Marion
PF Dwight Howard
F Lebron James
C Zaza Pachulia
UTIL Stephon Marbury
UTIL Troy Murphy
BN Morris Peterson
BN Adam Morrison
BN Ricky Davis
BN Pau Gasol-He's my real Center, but he's out until January :(

Either way I started out winning my first 2 weeks and well on my way to win the 3rd. Team is certainly stout, but I may need to get some scoring later on. I'm hoping that Morrison will be a 20 PPG chucker soon enough. Marbury looks like his career is done. The guy is playing like Lindsay Hunter.

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