Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Online Tax Preparation

There is really no need to file tax returns through snail mail anymore. Online tax preparation software is readily available and the ease of use is simply too hard to pass up. You can get the returns done much more quickly than on paper simply because you can correct mistakes with out having to start over on your form. Tips during the preparation come in handy online, but aren’t available doing it the old fashioned way. Many Americans miss key opportunities to save money by doing the paper form simply because they may not be aware of something they may be missing.

Liberty Tax Online has extended their previous coverage to all 50 states. The only restrictions to the free tax filing system are:

1) You must be between the ages of 20 through 57
2) Have an AGI of $52,000 or less
3) And you do not have a foreign address return

If the criteria is met you can get Free Tax Preparation Software on their site. You will be able to prepare all your forms online where they will be saved and have been authorized by the IRS.

Included on the site is a unique scenario creator. This feature will allow you to create 3 different “what if” scenarios to find the amount that saves you the most on your taxes. This software alone will probably save you more than the low cost of the software.

All Federal tax return filings are completely free here. State tax filing, print and e-file is only $12.95 with no hidden costs or fees. Get them done online, saved, copies printed, and filed right away with the best possible refund opportunity.

Don’t mess with the paper trail and the scrap sheets anymore. Go online and get everything saved there. Get it processed with out finding an envelope and stamps. Make the form easy to read if you tend to have bad penmanship.

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