Sunday, February 04, 2007

Visit My Blog Buddy: Marisa

Marisa is another one of the people that helps me a lot on how to grow my blogs. Marisa’s Dandelion Patch is a blog with great insights and interesting content. She's a wife, mother and grandmother that says she is opinionated, but contradicts herself frequently. She may do that, but she has never steered me wrong.

Interestingly enough I was discussing The Great Spank Debate yesterday with a friend of mine. He is a truck driver and I guess he felt a need to hear some spiritual words this week during the crazy blizzards we have had. He ended up listening to a guy that wrote a book about parenting who has sold millions of books and was suprised by what he had heard. The speaker was talking about how children at a very young age start to challenge you for control and what they can get away with. He mentioned that if a kid comes up and hits you for instance that you should spank them. Marisa says that she gets a ton of hits because of this keyword so she decided to tell you how she feels about it, how it makes her feel, and why she doesn't really advocate it.

Her other blog, Scribble on the Wall, is tagged: "Taking Notes on My Journey Through the InterWeb". This blog hasn't been around too long, but it is steadily growing and will be a great source for you so add it to your feeds. Reading the blog I found a great tool from her post Scrutinize My Website. It is something that I started using right away and I can certainly agree that it is an awesome tool indeed.

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