Saturday, February 10, 2007

Visit My Blog Buddy: Doris

Doris has a few blogs I'd like to mention. She and I have been having the same PPP isues lately and it is really hampering our blogging. Of course I should be using this time to promote my blog as well as promote the blogs of others. So no better place to start than with the ones that Doris has created.

She has a very nice looking blog called A Meeting Place for All Home Office Women that is really clean looking and has a great design. The title is a bit misleading becasue I'm not a Home Office Woman and I still get some good info from her. This post: Do you know the value of your time? really caught my attention today as I was reading her blog. I have a bad habit of trying to figure out stuff that I have no clue about and it takes me forever to get it done. Why do I do it? I'm stubborn and cheap I Outsourcing for some of the things I do certainly should be something I think more about.

Her personal blog, Life...Passion...Travel&More started out as blog where she and her family took thier 1st family trip to New Zealand in 2005, but she has just kept blogging on it and turned it into a pretty nice blog that she uses for everything now. It has been around for a long time now so there are many many things to read about.

Another great, great looking blog is her Live Life...Organics&Your Health site. The site content is very good too. She has an enormous amount of Organic Living tips and articles that are quite helpful to her readers. Take a look at Doris’ 13 Favourite Healing Herbs and leave her a few coments.

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