Thursday, April 12, 2007

He Did it Again!

Tigers fans that watch games on Fox Sports Detroit know exactly what has just happened when they see that title. I'd love to post a video of Rod Allen screaming this out from when Monroe blew a 9th inning homer out of the park in Yankee stadium from last year and going WhoooooooooooWeeeeeeeeeee, but the jerk off at the MLB and Youtube took my video of the even down for breaking some sort of copyright violation. Jerks.

Well, Craig did it again! This time against the Orioles in a 12 inning snoozer. The Tigers loaded the bases and Craig hammered a Grand Slam out of the park to give the Tigers a 4 run lead and eventual win. Game wasn't on Fox Sports Detroit today so there are no great Rod Allen sound clips, but a hell of a win none the less. A win today and a look at some Las Vegas Luxury Condos tomorrow ;).

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