Monday, April 09, 2007

101 Ways to Save One Dollar A Week

There are easy ways to save a dollar here and there if you can just think of them. With a few small changes you can save money very easily. The article in the link tells of 101 Ways to Save One Dollar a Week. No the entire article isn't going to save you just one dollar a week, but could save you quite a few dollars.

Simple tips to save a buck here and there could be the difference between a vacation at the local park, or a cruise in the Caribbean this year. Almost all of these tips are so easy and no-brainers that you will wonder why you are wasting so much money right now. Very interesting read and it will save you some cash I'm sure. This stuff is really easy to do too. You just have to be more conscious of it. Start off with a few and see the immediate results. Add more as you go and get them into your habits and you may save yourself a couple thousand dollars a year just because you thought about these tips.

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