Friday, September 25, 2009

Can the Tigers Hold on?

The Tigers had a 7 game division lead about 2 weeks ago. After running into the Kansas City Royals buzzsaw (They actually suck) and Minnesota playing basically .500 ball they have dropped down to a 3 game lead, and only have a 3 game lead because they just swept Cleveland.

Now they have the Chicago White Sox, whom they are never good against. Tonight Bonine started against Jake Freakin' Peavy. Bonine had a no hitter going into the 6th, but just gave up a 2 run bomb to give the Sux a 2-0 lead while Michael Cuddyer is playing out of his mind for the Twins and making this a really, really iffy chance at the division now. They should be sweating and applying acne treatments to the stress zits they should be getting.

The MAgic number for the Tigers is 8 with 10 left to play. Meaning they have to get any combination of 8 more wins, or 8 Twins losses to take the Division.

Only problem? Tigers have 6 games against the White Sox. The Twins have 6 games against the lowly ROYALS. With a 4 game set against each other in between.

I am NOT optimistic even with the 3 game lead. Could be gone by Sunday.

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