Friday, September 18, 2009

Rosenberg Confronted (Played by Hitler)

You knew it had to happen. Someone just had to get another one of these Hitler sports videos out there. This time it is a University of Michigan Wolverines fan. Instead of Hitler just being a fan of the team this team, he does something new. He plays the role of Michael Rosenberg from the Detroit Free Press.

Since this is a HOMER blog about Michigan sports teams I assume you know who Michael Rosenberg is, and why Michigan Wolverines fans have reason to hate him so much, but I will give you a little background anyways if you are just wandering in.

A few weeks back, before the start of the 2009 season, Michael Rosenberg published this article (Can't seem to find the pretty one, just this archive), accusing U of M head football coach, Rich Rodriguez of violating the rules NCAA regarding "mandatory football hours" for his players. Stuff like lifting weights too long, too many film sessions, and probably sitting in the spa and clogging up the spa filters they were there so long. This was all mandatory of course according to Mr. Rosenberg.

Since the release of the article, ESPN, and all the other media outlets started to talk about it like they do, and even started to (gasp!) actually do some fact checking. In the end it was accepted that the original article by Rosenberg was short on facts, and just long on venom for the coach he hated. He is now the butt of many jokes, and deservedly so.

So...without further ado...Rosenberg Confronted (Played by Hitler)

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