Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lions Get Relatively High Draft Grades for 2010

It is no surprise that many gave the Detroit Lions better than average draft grades with the big time players they took. Ndamukong Suh was considered the best player in the draft by most "experts" and the Lions taking him at #2 overall was a no-brainer. The trade up into the first round to pick up the explosive RB from Cal, Jahvid Best also drew a lot of praise as he was considered to be a steal by some where they got him.

The Lions even made the trade up with a division rival in the Minnesota Vikings that cost them only a move down in the 4th round with pick swaps to move up from the 2nd round. Best is the more intriguing pick I think because he has some question marks. Many worry about a serious concussion he had last year, with a minor one earlier, as well as some other small injuries he has had. Of course he is getting praise for being a legit game breaker from many other sources as well, including head coach Jim Schwartz.

He is certainly more fun to watch on Youtube than staring at a personalized soccer balls:

The rest of the guys I don't even really care about at this point. They took CB Amari Spievy in the 3rd round, which was a huge need, but he projects more as a #2, or nickel CB. They took a gamble on an OT of Jason Fox in the 4th, and got a couple 7th rounders that we can worry little about and any impact they make is just a bonus.

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