Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lions Still Looking For Linebackers. Everyone Assumes Bulluck

It's no surprise that ever since Jim Schwartz came to the Lions from the Tennessee Titans, that rumors have popped up about several former Titan players coming here. We all know that the only way to get players to come here is if they have a connection to one of the coaches, or we pay them way more than anyone else would, or both.

Look no further than the first 2 major signings this off season. Kyle Vandenboche, and Nate Burleson. VanDeboche came from Schwartz' system in Tennessee, while Burleson was drafted by Off. Coordinator Linehan when he was in Minnesota. Rumors have surfaced about signing Pacman "Make it Rain" Jones, and now Bullock continues to be brought up still with the huge need for more LBs to help prevent you from needing a sleeping aid while watching the Lions games..

Funnily enough, only Killer Kowalski still makes this sound like a real possibility even though he has reported that: In the half-dozen times I've asked Schwartz about it, he never has said, "No, we're not interested'' or "That's unlikely'' or "He doesn't really fit our plans.''

All he ever has talked about is the knee injury and never in any concrete terms. He just says, "He's got a knee'' or "He's got an ACL.''

So...he's a guaranteed IR guy for us at some point obviously.

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