Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miguel Cabrera is Killing People

If you hadn't realized that Dave Dombrowski robbed the Florida Marlins blind the day he traded for Miguel Cabrera, it is hard to deny it now. With Cameron Maybin, and Andrew Miller showing little in the way of becoming bonafide MLB stars they were once hyped to be, and Miguel Cabrera dominating the same way he did in Florida, you have to accept it don't you? Miggy is still well below the age of needing the best wrinkle cream too at just 27 and in his prime.

After all the negative news about Click Clack and his drunken exploits in the final weeks of the 2009 season, many were very down on Miggy. His words that he had decided to get help and turn his act around fell on deaf ears for most. The way he has started this season seems to imply that he has really made this change, and is the newer, and even more focused slugger.

Game after game he is coming through in the clutch, and piling up the RBIs. Last night he hit the go ahead HR in the 9th inning in route to the Tiger win of 8-6. He leads the league in RBIs at 24 already, and it looks like he is commanding the yes of the MVP voters so far.

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