Saturday, June 05, 2010

And Down Goes Zumaya....

Well..we all knew it couldn't last all year didn't we? It looks like Joel Zumaya has injured himself. He entered the game int he 8th inning with the Royals putting up a bit of a fight. He walked the first batter on 4 straight pitches and couldn't keep the ball down. 2 pitches into the next batter out came the trainer and Jim Leyland.

From the appearances it looked like it might b e a pesky blister. Nobody has said anything conclusive yet, but some have wondered if it might be that old tendon injury again that kept him out for a long time before. This happens because he grips the ball so hard that he actually injures himself with the pressure.

Zoom has been a BEAST this season and losing him would be an incredible loss. So take your baby prenatal vitamin Zoom and get your ass back out there.

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