Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dontrelle Willis Traded For Some Guy

Looks like Dontrelle is finally gone after having such an amazing career in a Tigers uniform. Truly on of the Tiger greats. While he may be gone from the team he will still be remembered as Illitch writes him his checks for the rest of the season because Arizona only has to pay him about $260K this year while we are stuck with the other $34234234 Million.

Oh we got some guy in return. Billy Buckner to be exact. Not that one. Not even close. Much worse. Not even worth looking into. Just don't bother. He got a glowing review from Dombrowski after the trade had been finalized. A true great addition to the squad that makes us fans sleep well at night even without the best night cream. Here was what DD had to say:

"He's been an up-and-down guy between Triple-A and the big leagues," Dombrowski said. "He's had three starts at the big league level this year. They have not been good. But he did very well for them at Triple-A. He's a guy that gives us some protection. He can start or relieve."

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