Sunday, November 14, 2010

Carl Crawford, Adam Dunn, Jayson Werth, Dan Uggla, Victor Martinez, and even Ryan Braun

These are the names that have come up during the off season for the Detroit Tigers. Ryan Braun was mentioned as being on the block in Milwaukee, although him being traded is ridiculous so we'll squash that right away and forget about that amazing dream.

All the rest though? It seems that at leas tone of these will come true. It appears that Victor MArtinez is the one that most feel we will end up with. Rumors of Dan Uggla being traded also have perked up a few ears. They always sill considering that we absolutely raped Florida to get Miguel Cabrera a few years ago. This was even more evident this week when Florida traded away both Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin for a fraction of what they cost just to get rid of them.

Carl Crawford is the main prize here, but with NY, Boston, and the LAA Angels in the mix odds are very slim we get involved in this bidding war.

That means we likely get MV-Mart and MAYBE, one of the other guys sitting there.

Of course we still aren't being rumored for any pitchers, which we all know is what is the make, or break. Still...replacing Avila in the line up everyday, and maybe adding another guy like Werth makes us a hell of a lot better. Getting Uggla makes us a very HR friendly IF.

Hopefully the hype of the off season has a payoff this year. Illitch is getting way too old to be conservative and will likely open up his rfid blocking wallet and go for it all the next couple years once again.

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