Monday, November 15, 2010

It's the Discipline Idiots

Watching the Lions play football is like watching a bunch of juvenile delinquents sitting in detention. You know why they are there. Their parents are terrible and the teachers and parents don't bother to give them any discipline. Instead they just ignore the problem.

Well...this is exactly what the coaching staff for the Detroit Lions does on a weekly basis. Penalties? No problem. Missed tackles? Great game, kid. Keep on reading that hydroxatone review and don't worry 'bout it.

This franchise is the king of not giving a crap about accountability. From the coaching staff making excuses every week for themselves and the players, to the players acting like their boneheaded play was just a fluke.

This team will never be good because there is no accountability for poor, or stupid play. What normally happens to a guy when he gets flagged for a game changing penalty more than once? The Coach pulls his ass out of the game and makes him an example. No matter who it is. In Detroit we just pretend it didn't happen because we're trying to win and our depth sucks! Nobody is worried about any of the consequences of being a bonehead, nor for missing 10 tackles a week. They don't need to be. Nothing is going to happen to them.


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