Saturday, July 09, 2011

Jhonny Peralta Added as 5th Tigers All-Star

When you look at the Tigers' lineup you see a lot of good things. You also see a ton of very bad things. Not jsut players, but how the lineup is set up everyday by Leyland. The good things are good enough to get to the All-star game, however.

Jhonny Peralta was added to the AS team as a replacement for Jeter who shouldn't be on the team anyways (hope he didn';t throw away his bridal shower invitations) to make the 5th for the Tigers this year. Justin Verlander, Closer Valverde, Alex Avila, and Miguel Cabrera also make the team.

As many have noticed the Tigers have a lot of very good players, and a lot of really bad ones. Just nobody else in between to keep things level. Cleveland is a joke team and should have no business in 1st place. Tigers are mismanaged to the point of a joke at times, and their lack of depth also makes them pretty weak to finish the division on top without a move. Chicago is most likely to overtake them both and blow past them. I expect Chicago to sweep the first series against Detroit after the AS break and put Detroit on its annual second half spiral once again.

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