Sunday, March 04, 2012

Oh Noes! Cabrera Made an Error! Season Over!

Other than signing Mr. Prince Fielder to a mammoth contract this off season, the next biggest talking point has been the move of Miguel Cabrera to 3rd base. Many have acted as if he will be so bad that we will lose 50 games from his defense alone. As I have already stated I am not worried about him at 3B whatsoever. Seeing the alternatives of Brandon Inge, or Don Kelly there everyday is abysmal, and if Miggy had an error every night I would probably still be happpy with it.

Of course, I click on MLive this evening and the first article I see is one about Cabrera having an error in a SPRING TRAINING game. Seriously...this is news apparently. Get ready for this all year. This is the kind of stuff of radio call-in idiots that you hear all the time though. Valverde doesn't blow a save all season last year and people that will talk about Miggy having an error are the same morons that would say they hate Valverde because he is "Wild", or allowed a few base runners and gave up a run. You can disregard this BS because these people don't know WTF they are talking about. They are more likely to be doing wedding photography raleigh nc and watching 2 games a year than knowing anything about baseball. I'd rather get a Silver Slugger at 3B than a Gold Glove any day.

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