Sunday, March 04, 2012

Raburn Hits 2 HRs today of the 9 the Tigers Hit

Good news for all of us who want Brandon Inge to never play again. OF course Inge picked up a couple doubles today too so he isn't completely forgotten yet. The battle for 2B certainly got helped by Raburn hitting 2 bombs though.

It's not like I would condone Inge winning this even if he did win the job. We've watched him for 10 years it feels like and we know he sucks. We also know that his defense is on a VERY steady decline, and him playing a new position isn't going to help. Inge would not be signed by another team if he were cut today I can guarantee you that. So why do people want him here? They are your grandma, or that tubby that thinks he is cute. That is no reason for him to get paid millions. HE could be a spokesman and write apidextra reviews maybe, but not play for our Tigers.

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