Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cardinals: 2006 World Series Champs

I didn't watch Game 5. I couldn't let myself do it. For Game 4 I DVR'd it and watched it the next morning. Right when I awoke and it ruined my day. The whole game they had control and blew it with defense. I hear Game 5 was similar. I haven't seen any highlights. I haven't looked at box scores. I can't bear it. I do it with all my teams. If they get this far and lose I just stop following the media until the next season starts. I've been that way with the Pistons the last couple of years. Every time I think about it I start to feel sick.

The Tigers were supposed to be different. Just like that surprise Pistons team a few years ago that went out and got RaSheed Wallace before the deadline. I kind of knew that team was going to win it all the second that trade went through. The Tigers were a bit more of a wait and see, but they pitched their asses off until the very end. In the end it appears youthful inexperience cost us plenty. I heard there was another pitcher error in Game 5. Lead to a run. I'm not checking this mind you. Only reason I even hear these things is because I wear a Detroit Tigers hat everywhere and have been for the last 6 years. Everyone feels it is necessary to bring it up.

Let me tell you this. If you see a guy that has a Tigers hat on at this point in time leave them alone. They love the team and are sick right now. Joking with them is not funny. They may actually resort to violence. I only tell you this for your own safety. You may think it is ha-ha real funny mother $#!@er, but not in the least to me. Shut your mouth and back away once you see my face. Don't say a thing to me until spring training. Even then don't talk about last season unless it involves statistics. REGULAR SEASON statistics.

OK...When it is due it is due. I like the Cardinals. I am not upset they won. I am upset that we lost. They fought hard and came up with a title. I respect that. They were touted as the worst World Series team ever. Now they must be the worst World Series Champs. That is awesome. The Pistons were the worst NBA Champs a few years back. I sure as hell didn't care about the lack of respect and Cards fans probably won't either. YOU ARE WORLD CHAMPS. Congrats Cards fans. You are TRUE baseball fans. You deserve it.

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