Wednesday, November 01, 2006

AZ-The Format

Today is the release day for the new AZ album. AZ is one of my favorite artists and is like my new 2Pac of this era. His style is similar to the man himself, Nas to give you an idea about him. His last album A.W.O.L. was probably the best rap CD I have listened to in the past few years.

The Format is more of the same. Strong lyrically with solid beats. The dude just has great flow lyrically and I love to listen to him. A few cameos on the album include Little Brother for the track Rise and Fall, M.O.P. on Sit Em Back Slow, and DJ Premier for the title track The Format.

Based on 2 full listens so far I haven't picked out my favorite, but I'd say that the M.O.P. track is my least favorite. Don't like the fool. The DJ Premier collab on The Format cash money. Doing That is a great track too as well as the first one in I Am the Truth.

Overall I'd say it is comparable to A.W.O.L.

Jimi Morrison's Head says: "BUY IT NOW!", or whatever it is you do ;).

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