Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pistons season starts today

I haven't paid too much attention to my boys all summer, but I'm getting kind of hyped for the opener tonight against the Bucks. Can't wait to see what our offense looks like with Big Ben winning the lotto with his contract over in Chi-Town.

Having a hard time getting back into the NBA after the joke that was the Miami Heat winning the title last season. The rule changes and the Wade love is making me hate the league again. The man Rasheed Wallace is going to probably be suspended half the year now since the new "whine" rule has been implemented. We will see how that rolls off tonight. Sheed can't keep his mouth shut. Big Ben was pretty vocal last year too and honestly just annoyed me.

3 all-stars in the starting 5 and the great Antonio McDyess coming in off the bench makes the squad a solid contender still. The acquisition of Nazr "I haven't done crap" Mohammed is a bit sketchy, but Flip Murray was a nice pick up. Only a year too late. Should have had him here last year. The owner Davidson is a cheapskate and traded away our bench to save a few bucks last season and cost us big. Joe D is starting to look human now. That trade of Darko last year is going to straight up kill us down the road unless we get a big time pick from Orlando in the draft this year.

Well...Let's get this bitch rollin' boys.


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