Friday, January 26, 2007

N.J. warns: Don't eat squirrel near dump

The crazies are out today. If you had to tell me that eating a squirrel I shot near a toxic waste dump was bad for me, odds are I was going to win a Darwin Award at some point so really why would you bother? Didn't realize the economy was getting this bad that we had to resort to eating mutated squirrel meat. What are we cavemen? Sorry Geico spokesmen.

TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey has warned squirrel hunters near a toxic waste dump about consuming the critters because they could be contaminated with lead.

It is the first time the state has cautioned Ringwood residents - many who are members of the Ramapough Mountain Indian tribe who hunt and fish in the area - about their squirrel intake, said Tom Slater, a spokesman for the Department of Health and Senior Services.

A lead-contaminated squirrel was found in the area two months ago, prompting the agency, along with the state Department of Environmental Protection, to send out letters advising that adults eat squirrel no more than twice a week and even less for children and pregnant women.

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