Friday, January 26, 2007

Sometimes you get lucky...

A young lady postie named Michelle was awarded a new HP Photosmart M527 digital camera through a previous PPP Opportunity. Now that she has the camera she has some pictures. Only problem is they are all jumbled up and all over the place. I have one piece, but I don't know where the rest are. Do YOU?

Before I get to the piece of the puzzle you found me for I am going to give you a link to a Digital Photography Review from HP. Since they are helping to sponsor this little contest they get some well deserved link love.

And now....What you have been waiting for...the piece of the puzzle...

Oh yeah...did you know that it is impossible to lick your elbow, a crocodile can't stick its tongue out, and a shrimp's heart is in its head? I bet you did, but I posted it anyways.

Puzzle Piece #45:

Good Luck!

This post sponsored by HP.

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