Saturday, January 27, 2007

So my friend is an idiot...

I have a friend that likes to partake in the joy of chewing tobacco. Doesn't bother me really as long as he takes care of teh mess when he is anywhere near my property. Last night we are driving around and he is having a nice chew and using a cup as a spitoon in my car. No big deal. Just throw it out when we get to where we are going. For some reason this moron decides he is going to set it on the passenger seat floor when he gets out (I was already out and not paying attention) and leave it there while we go in to eat. When we come back out he casually gets in and kicks it over. So...I have a nice brown stain on my floor and my car smells like a friggin' evergreen forest. Cleaned the hell out of it today, but the stain is still there. I think he is going to pay to get my entire car detailed for this stunt.

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