Saturday, April 07, 2007

Music the year you turned 18

I got tagged on this from ami-chan and well it took me about a month to do it I think...haha

Hey...I got busy and I'm not a real fan of memes either so I put them off as long as possible.

The rules: Go over to, click on the decade you turned 18, find the actual year you turned 18, and copy the top songs for that year…pasting them.

December 25 - January 21: Hero - Mariah Carey
January 22 - February 11: All For Love - Bryan Adams/Rod Stewart/Sting
February 12 - March 11: Power of Love - CĂ©line Dion
March 12 - April 15: The Sign - Ace of Base
April 16 - May 20: Bump N' Grind - R. Kelly
May 21 - August 5: I Swear - All-4-One
August 6 - August 26: Stay (I Missed You) - Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
August 27 - December 2: I'll Make Love To You - Boyz II Men
December 3, 1994 - January 13, 1995: On Bended Knee - Boyz II Men

Good god man. 2007 NBA Mock Draft What a shitty year for music. At least on this chart. The only CDs I aactually owned on this list were R Kelly and Boyz II Men. This was back in the Snoop/Dre and Alternative Rock era really. A lot of Gangsta rap, alternative rock, heavy metal, and the emergence of a whole ton of ridiculous boy bands and little girl music.

Like I said...I'm not a fan of memes so I am not tagging anyone else.

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Amy said...

Dang, I didn't realize you were such a baby. ;-) My oldest son was born the year you turned 18, and yeah, music sucked then.