Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dumbest Thing I Ever Bought

There are quite a few perishable good I have purchased that you could say add up to the worst thing, but the experience at the time was great and I really wanted them then. The worst thing I ever bought though was really bad. I'm kind of a goofball if you haven't noticed so I like to do goofy things from time to time.

One day I was out shopping for cheap ass clothes at a cheap ass store with a couple of my buddies. Don't even ask why I was shopping with 2 guys. I'm secure enough as a man though not to be embarrassed about such things. Actually when I tell you what I bought you'll know I have quite a bit of confidence anyways...lol

So anyways, after explaining to you in not so many words that I'm not gay, I guess I'll tell you what I got. At this time I was a pretty avid weight trainer so I could pull some stuff off, but this shirt was just too much. I'm sure you see those shirts the clubs that are skin tight that guys wear with the short sleeves. So I'm looking through this bin of cheap ass clothes and come a crossed this zebra skin one. Well I guess it wasn't really classic zebra because where it was supposed to be white was kind of light brown or some such thing. So I buy it while the other 2 aren't around because I think it is kind of funny and I was kind of conceited and figured I could pull it off.

That day we had to go to some sort of party for a sister of a friend that was graduating college. I decide I'm going to bust this bad boy out and see what comes of it. The guys I was with earlier come get me and just bust out laughing. One was high so I didn't think too much of that. We get to this party, and it is in someone's backyard in the middle of the day. I walk in, I'm pretty big, 6 foot 200 pounds so you kind of see me, and I would say that the minute I walked in there were no less than 25 people laughing their ass off at me. You see I'm a goofball so no one really though much of laughing at me because they know I don't really care.

Later on a guy that to this day we still think is gay says to me: “I see guys wear those all the time, but they can't pull it off. You can." I was like..."ugh...thanks man." Didn't matter though. Great laughs all around were had. I even got lucky. With a girl.

Moral of the story: Making fun of yourself and not caring what anyone says is one of the most entertaining things you can do.


Jules said...

Okay, so where's the picture of you wearing it?

Osman said...

hehe! that's funny!

you have a great sense of humour ;)

last sentences: absolutely agree.

well-done mate!

Mojo Rising said...

LOL Jules. If I had one from that day I'd post it. Unfortunately I don't. Sorry to disappoint.

Thanks Osman ;).