Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shop With Moms

Shopping online is the way to go. Any holiday you can get what you need at your fingertips. No hair pulling pile ups, or racing from item to item to get what you need. Just click and buy. Shopping with Moms has a unique way to go about this and window shop.

The way it works:

When you click on the Start Shopping Link, the shopping begins! Online shops are shown on a timer. When the timer ends, "SHOP NOW" appears. Click "SHOP NOW" to go to the next store! The timer bar also includes a category list. Scroll through the categories to shop by category. When the category is over, shopping continues as general shopping! Have fun and START SHOPPING WITH MOMS!

So when you are ready, just click Product Spotlight and you are going to see a new way to shop online.

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