Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fuel My Blog and Everyone Else's

Fuel My Blog is a great site to give your blog the attention it deserves. We put a little pic of our choice into a big board and share the spaces with other bloggers. They let you put it in for free and it stays for 5 YEARS! Posting back a link to it yourself with everyone else will help others get noticed as well as more traffic for any blogs that you also have on the Big board. Even has a ranking system based on hits so you can see how you are doing compared to everyone else.

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Estranged Love > Must-Visit Blogs said...

[...]Jimi Morisson's head blog welcomes you with a funny picture, lol! Brandon shares the posts that interest him. I love the blog's sincerity. I feel that atmosphere when i visit the blog. I mean, he knows how to write a post. He should lose some weight just like me. But his problem is not permanent :) Is it?! In his other blog, He mentions about popular message board pics and videos, ways to survive on message boards etc. very original concept, i should say. I loved Grammar Police post a lot. I would like him to extend it a bit more, so that i would be more than happy to have his post in my language/linguistics blog. Because he has very good points and i really dislike that kind of people![...]