Thursday, February 15, 2007

Traffic Club

Clicky, clicky, clicky. Check out my blog friends and click on them once a day. We all love traffic and we like to visit eachother's blogs. Everyone posts something new everyday so visit them several times. Let's help eachother get more traffic and build up our readership by spreading our list!

This list is special though. Every time you click these it tells Alexa. This is the Alexa Project. When you see you got linked on this list just link back to the original list with a regular link. Add a couple to it and watch it grow.


*Taken from Alexa Project*

Ok, this list is based on the number of blogs submitted. One blog per blogger are listed first on down to seven. Amy had this great idea: Get this FF plugin called Linky. Once you have it installed, come back to YOUR post with all the updated links on it and then right click on the page and choose "Linky" then "Open All Links in Tabs" OR highlight a bunch of the links, right click and choose "Linky" then "Open Selected Links in Tabs". This is WAY easier than manually clicking on every link. If you do it this way--it really won't matter where your blog shows up on the list!! Good Luck--track your results and let us know how it is going!
****Note***** You only have to do the list once per day. More than one click per IP will still just count as one--so just once per day is all you need!! ******

Pass it along:

1. Copy all the blogs links EXACTLY on the list and paste to your post.
2. Give a link to the site you saw this from and write about it in your own words.
3. Use Linky on the blogs on your post once a day and visit everyone on it.
4. Add a couple of friends (No more than 3)
5. Let the people you add know about it. These links don't show up on their stats so they won't realize you added them.

My adds:
Sir Post A Lot

The Originals:

Mustard & Catsup
Pegs Az Life
Wild Ride
Genki Desu Yo
My Single Mom Life
Skeets Stuff
Moms With A Spine
Shadow Scope
Beautiful British Columbia
My Thoughts, Ideas & Ramblings
Candid Quips
Elynns Random Life
Reviews and More
Fire Pit
Dilly Designs
Home Biz Blogger
Figuring Myself Out
Steve Sports & Travel
Win Some Gunning Art Walk
A Green Earth
About Simple Ways
Ask Owen
Jimi Morrisons Head
Pray For Mojo
Internet Serious Business
A WAHM’s Blog
Penny Pinching Mom
Wanna Be A WAHM
My Home Recipe
Sqkiki’s Disney Plan
Sqkiki’s Island
Fatty’s Wife Mumbling
Dandelion Patch
Scribble On The Wall
Don’t Pick Up
Whatever I Feel Like
Anais Amy
Know A New Freedom
Mom & Pop Tech
Home With The Kids
Aspects Of Home Business
Green SAHM
Time For Exercise
Make Healthy Meals
Simple Kind Of Life
3 Day Mom
Geeky Speaky
Buy Me Blog
Hockey Dad
Florida Blog
Tampa-Florida Blog
Army Mom:New Jersey
SEO This
Simplify Every Obtacle
Pencil Thin
That Boy Ain't Right
'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

Tricia's Musings

As the Garden grows

Celebrity Scoop

Odd Planet

Guitar Licks

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Slithy Toves said...


This is a great idea. When I have some time (probably this weekend) I'll set it up on mine and send some link love your way.