Thursday, February 15, 2007

PayPerPost Segmentation

PayPerPost introduced segmentation last week and it has meant big changes for high traffic ranking bloggers. Those with very high traffic ranks can get paid to blog for advertisers and get as much as $1000 to do ONE post. PPP is giving blogger the kind of money they deserve for posting ads on their blogs. Those with high traffic and PR are worth the extra money and exposure an ad on their blogs will get.

PPP is definitely the best paid blogging platform I have tried out. They have the ability to give advertisers any type of blogger they will ever need. Comparatively to other paid posting sites PPP only charges a 35% service fee while others such as Review me charge 100% mark ups.

PayPerPost requires disclosure on all blogs that do opportunities for them and have been a leader in the market of paid Blogging for their efforts to provide our readers an accurate disclosure policy. With the newest rollout, blogs now have a disclosure badge in posts available to advertisers that let the readers know it is a sponsored post. This is completely optional to advertisers, but the bloggers do have to show a disclosure policy on their blogs no matter what.

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