Thursday, February 15, 2007

Visit My Blog Buddy: The Wolf's Kiss

A few days ago I was talking to Ami, and was introduced to her blog, The Wolf's Kiss so I decided to give her a little bit of pub. Like me, she has been involved in small business before and I found that her posts containing Small Business pointers are quite helpful to someone starting out in the small business world. She discusses some of the trials and tribulations of starting out and the mistakes that can be made because you just haven't considered them.

You would be amazed at the little things that seem to come out of nowhere when you are trying to start up a business with the state, county, and city holding their hands out for a nice fee for one thing or another. Obscure laws that you only find out when you actually go in to get what you thought you needed, only to find out that you actually need something totally different. She talks about her experiences with moving and licenses and the problems she had hoping to prevent you from making the same mistakes.

I'd like to point you to a couple business of hers as well. Look Beyond Mirrors is her Tarot reading site that she has pretty good traffic on, but can always use more. HAve a look and see if she can help you.

She also Designs. Take a look at her portfolio and see a bunch of designs for blogs/journals, business websites, and personal websites.

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