Thursday, February 15, 2007

Review My Post!

The next big thing you need to know about from PayPerPost is the roll out of the new “Review My Post” Affiliate program. The best place for blog marketing just got a bit better. You will notice at the bottom of some of my posts that there is a little badge that says to “Get Paid to Review My Post”. What it says is what it means my friends. You click on that badge and you can get paid $7.50 to review that very post. How easy is that? Try it out and see for yourself.

For those that don’t want to write a paid post on their blogs they don’t have to, but can still earn money by being an affiliate. Simply register and get the banner code. Then you put that banner at the end of your posts so that any random passerby can click on it and review a post on your blog! You get $7.50 for them writing the post and you get a valuable link to your site from another blog.

If you are already with PPP and want to get this program going yourself just go to your Dashboard and click on the “Affiliate Tools” tab to get started right away. This new edition is win-win-win for everyone. Readers can get paid to write about one of your great posts. You get paid for someone writing about you and you get a linkback. PPP gets new bloggers into the PPP community.

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