Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tigers get a win

Mike Maroth had his first start since an injury that knocked him out for the majority of last season. Pitched well enough to get the win, but still allowed 4 runs.

The bullpen actually looked halfway decent today compared to the last few. They must have had some excellent hangover cures after that last game. I am a bit worried about the guys like Mesa and Rodney. Mesa I've always hated really as a pitcher and he is just one of those guys you hate to watch. Walks a ton of people and gives up hits. HE was a closer for Pittsburgh for a few years and was effective, but his numbers were terrible year in and year out. I guess he is like a poor man's Todd Jones now, which isn't saying a whole lot.

Game wasn't on today so i went and bought a new radio so I could listen to it while I did a bit of blogging work. It seems like every radio I have ever had has just not been able to work in this area. I haven't used a radio in years really either, but I went with an old school GE Super Radio. The older technology seems to work better than these new cheap ass ones I see everywhere. I mean I can't even get FM stations in this house for most of the radios I have, but this thing is picking up AM stations as clear as FM.

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