Sunday, April 01, 2007

SEO Company Uses Pay By Performance

An established search engine optimization company has developed a program where they charge you for their services based upon performance. They guarantee at least 10 top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN per month. If they fail to meet those minimum requirements your search engine optimization service for that month is free.

There is a set up fee, but that is only a small initial charge. Once you have joined their service, all the future months will be based on performance. Customers will pay based on how many Top 10 rankings they are able to obtain for you in the search engines. Basically getting you onto the front page so you can increase your traffic significantly as well as earn more money.


Digital Nomad said...

This does make a good bit of sense. Let's hope it is a trend.

Interweb gurus take heed. said...

I think this is brilliant. I hope these people drive all the slackers off the Interwebs.

Rip said...

LOL! I see you have found your new favorite word. Interwebs is a funny word. I also use it often.

As for this company I think it is a very interesting concept. The key though is getting some very top choice keywords int he top 10 and I have heard they are doing very well in that regard.