Friday, February 23, 2007

Money I make blogging

I've been with PayPerPost I guess a couple months now and have been earning pretty good money just blogging away like I normally would while doing paid post here and there. While there may be other companies that offer paid blogging for us there aren't any that compare to PPP.

Since starting out I have earned well over $1000 from PayPerPost and I am getting to the point that this is actually more productive than most jobs I could go out and get. I think with in a month or 2 I will be earning well over $100 a day and actually am pretty close to that right now. All that just from blogging my friends.

PayPerPost seems to have the same idea about this market as I do. Stay ahead of the competition and offer a product that advertisers and bloggers can benefit from. Use disclosure while others do not so that they can distinguish themselves from the pack. My only hope is that they keep making the right decisions and give us all the opportunity to continue this for a long time.

The concept of blog marketing is everywhere, but PPP offers advertisers many more options to get relevant links to their sites as well as the ability to exclude sites that may just not be appropriate.

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